Our Mission

We mobilize young women around the globe for social change through community development and social action. Through travel and cross-cultural experiences we ignite the leadership ambitions of our scholars to be change-makers in their communities, and lead the mission of changing our world one girl at a time.

Our Purpose

To access the untapped potential that exists in 51% of our population by creating transformative experiences that mobilise and motivate girls to lead impactful community change. 

Our Vision

Throughout the developing world girls are taking on and being recognised for their leadership potential and impact. We are creating a network of girls who recognise their intrinsic power as change makers and are inspiring  and motivating each other towards, individual, community and global transformation. 

Our Values

·     The authenticity of our thoughts, words and actions are our top priority.

·     We believe in the intrinsic power of women.

·     We believe in the ability and necessity of communities to create change.

·     We believe in the autonomy of communities and the girls within those communities.

·     We work with everyone as an equal.

About our Founding Director

Founding Director

Founding Director

Over the past twenty years, Julia Lynch has worked as a Community Social Worker and Therapist in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. In addition, Julia has worked on a volunteer basis both in Tanzania and Jamaica providing community and health services to local at-risk communities. Julia has also traveled extensively throughout many developing nations and is now marrying both her travel and professional experiences by providing international community development opportunities in undeserved and at-risk communities throughout the world.  Julia also has a passion for health and wellness and expresses this through personal training and teaching Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, to her local community.

Our Team

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