A Letter from one of our 2017 Exchange Students, who will be arriving here on Sunday!!!

To Julia:

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you so much for giving such a wonderful chance to me.  I'm very excited to join GGP.  I always wanted a chance like this.  I'm feeling very lucky that I will have a chance to help my brothers, sisters and mother.  This is all because of you.  Really, thank you so much Julia for giving this opportunity to me.  I'm very happy because I will have the chance to meet other girls from different countries.  I will learn so many thing from them.  Also i will share my story with them that they should also learn something from me.  I will give my 100% in everything.  Love you so much and once again thank you for what you are doing for Kranti.

From Rani.

Kranti Girls Will Soon Be On Their Way!!!

I have to say that the best Christmas present that I could receive is the knowing that our three exchange scholars from Mumbai, India will be arriving in LA on January 15th, 2017!!!  I can hardly believe that's it's been a year since Thaynara, from Brasil, landed at LAX full of excitement, anxiety, and smiles.  This year has been filled to the brim with planning, trips to select girls, forming new partnerships, and many fundraisers!!!  I want to send out so much gratitude to our extended Global Girl community who have donated your time and your money to help us, once again, be a part of inspiring, empowering, and motivating young women around the world to be change-makers in their own communities.

Our three girls from the organization Kranti (www.kranti-india.org) will be in in the U.S. for 7 weeks where they will attend school at Star Prep Academy and also participate in community development workshops to develop their own socially-minded projects to implement upon their return home.  We have also formed some exciting partnerships with organizations such as Aspire (www.aspirewomen.com), Watts Boys' and Girls' Club (www.wwbgclub.org), and Las Fotos (www.lasfotosproject.org).

Currently, we are still looking for one or two host families in the West LA area, so if you are interested in being a part of this life-changing experience for one of our girls, drop me a line.

Happy Holidays to Everyone and thank you!!

Julia Lynch, Founding Director.

Get to know us & don’t forget to donate!

Regular readers of the GGP Blog have met the organizations founder, Julia Lynch, and the girls who have taken part in the program. Now let’s meet GGP’s board of directors, starting with Mariana Reis, one of our newest additions to the board.

Mariana is an LA-based educator, dancer, performer and social activist, highly versed in Afro-Brazilian culture, music and dance.  She has spent a good part of her career involved and actively participating in non-profit organizations.  She began her involvement in social work and activism in college where, as the President of the Women’s Organization, she helped raise funds for her Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) group to perform at the annual collegiate celebration of underrepresented groups on campus.  From there, she began working with the drum and dance ensemble, Grupo Liberdade as their dance director.  She worked hard to build the organization form the ground up, establish structure and assisted the group in becoming one of the most well-known non-profit organizations in Arizona, dedicated to promoting community, diversity and empowerment.

After several years of her involvement in Afro-Brazilian culture and social work, Mariana decided to delve into the heart and soul of it, relocating to Bahia, Brazil in 2007 to begin her studies in earnest. She would spend the next 6 years studying Afro-Brazilian Dance, specifically Samba Reggae, and she danced professionally with the largest non-profit organization and Bloco Afro Group, Olodum, in Bahia. She, also assisted with developing a non-profit cultural center dedicated to promoting peace, love and joy through the medium of drum and dance.

Some of Mariana’s professional credentials include a Professional Certificate of Dance and a Certificate in Silvestre Technique (an Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Dance technique) from the Cultural Foundation and School of Dance (FUNCEB) in Salvador, Bahia Brazil. She also holds certificates in Contemporary Dance Training from Ethnic Rio de Janeiro ‘Viva Dança’ International Festival in Bahia, Brazil, Contact Improvisation from Balé Teatro Castro Alves, and Capoeira Contact (a mixture of contact improvisation and Capoeira) from Viva Dança International Festival Company in Ladainha, France. She is certified inOríxa Dance from the Cultural Foundation and School of Dance at Bahia, Brazil, and is an Atelier of Contemporary Dance, as studied at the Company Linga in Switzerland.

Mariana has been featured on the Travel Channel with Jaycee Gassett in ‘Dance the World – Brazil’, and is also a Yoga instructor, having completed her training with a Yoga Teacher’s (RYT) certificate from the White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara, California. Her core beliefs are of promoting unity, community, non-violence, equality, peace, love and happiness through the performing arts, specifically drum and dance.  When she is not dancing and sharing that life-affirming joy, she enjoys painting, making jewelry, cooking and designing dance and yoga wear in sunny southern California.

Mumbai or bust….. (with a quick hello in Dubai)

Well it may have taken me being stuck in a plane for 16 hours to have the time to sit down and write, but I’m thankful for the forced solitude and lack of life’s distractions. I am on my way to Mumbai to meet with, for the first time in person, Global Girl Project’s newest partners on the path to changing the world one girl at a time. Global Girl is expanding our reach to India and we are collaborating with an amazing organization called Kranti (kranti-india.org), to be able to provide exchange scholarships to some of the most disadvantaged girls in Mumbai. Kranti was started five years ago in an effort to empower and mobilize girls growing up in Mumbai’s red light district, to become agents of change in their own community. The work they are doing, as an organization, is beyond what most can imagine and directly fights against the stigma these girls face daily.

At times, I feel like I am in dream and I need to remind myself to focus, to pay attention….that this is real. And then the stress fades away and is replaced with gratitude for a path that I could never have imagined was available to me. As the founding director of Global Girl Project I have dreamed a dream where people around the world recognize their connections, their ties to each other and in that recognition we reach out to support and teach each other. Through Global Girl Project we are working towards this end and our growth into Southeast Asia, and further across the globe is an adventurous and dedicated leap in this direction.

Keep an eye out for weekly posts from the Global Girl team as we work to connect with you, keep you informed about the progress of our girls, and share useful information about global travel, women’s issues, and how we can all be a part of shifting and changing this world one girl at a time.

Namaste, Obrigada, Mesi, Thank you.


We’re at it again! Welcome our 2nd Global Girl!!!

Global Girl Project has continued to grow and form new partnerships and reach more girls around the world.  This year we partnered with an organization called Soccer Girls, run through PlayLife, which is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.  We also expanded our work to Haiti through a partnership with a women-led Haitian organization called Foundation TOYA.  We feel so grateful for these partnerships as they are helping us to reach the most vulnerable and strong girls in developing parts of the world.  We are learning as we grow and through this knowledge we have been able to successfully bring Thaynara, from Brasil, to the US to participate in our community development exchange program.  We have struggled with the influence of major political issues, in relation to non-immigrant visas and the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince.  So because of this roadblock we are adjusting our program to work with the two selected girls from Haiti, Jessy and Sarah, in their home country through Skype and an extended visit to Port-au-Prince.  We are so thankful for the determination and perseverance of our partners there and the girls that they support and cheer on.

We want to keep you all updated on the amazing progress of these young women through weekly video blogs so stay tuned and please share whatever inspires!!  Thank you, Obrigada, Mesi.

Julia Lynch – Founding Director.

New Global Girl Project Blog is up and running!!!!

Hey there Global Girl supporters!!  We have added a blog to our site in order to help all of you keep up to date and entertained by all of the different things that our participants are doing while on their exchange programs.  The idea is that each girl will write weekly updates about their thoughts and experiences while on the program.  Each Global Girl participant will be able to write freely on this blog both during and after their exchange.

As our project expands to include many other countries you will be able to hear from young women around the globe about their experiences in becoming agents of change in their own families and communities.  Stay tuned!!!