Your donations make it possible to change the lives of young women in developing countries in a truly impactful and sustainable way.

Global Girl Project works directly with local grassroots NGOs in each of our partner countries, so you can be sure that your money goes straight to the communities that are the most in need.

How donations are used 

By donating to Global Girl Project you help to pay for such things as airfares, passports and visas for the girls exchange. Other than transaction fees, your donation goes directly towards the programming and general operating costs for this project (Global Girl Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the U.S. and a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation/CIO in the U.K., therefore all donations are tax deductible).

Global Girl Is…Change, Power, Me!!

Our 2019 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now live!! Our goal this year is $10,000 and we KNOW that we will not only reach it, but exceed it with your support!! We have new programs, more girls, and more impact so go to the link below and give whatever you feel inspired to give!!! Gratitude!!

Go to this Link to Donate at our Indiegogo Campaign!

Global Change-Makers Program

Choose the Monthly, Quarterly or Annual button when you donate and join our Global Change-Makers Program to directly change the lives of young women in countries such as Haiti, India, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Nepal.

For just $10 a month you would be giving the gift of a passport to one of our Scholars.
For just $15 a month you would be giving one of our scholars the money she needs to implement her community or social action project in her community, which will impact the lives of another 100 young people.
For just $20 a month you would giving one of our scholars with the educational stipend that she receives at the end of our program which will cover the cost of her tuition fees for 1 year.

Thinking of donating more?

Only a little more money helps a lot. $250 will pay for the entire high school education for one student in Sierra Leone - $3000 will pay for a Haitian student to attend the exchange program.