Fundraising Events

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018 we have launched our own GoFundMe Campaign, Global Girl Takes To The Air!!!!!  Airfare is our biggest expense and we still need to raise more funds to be able to fly our two Haitian scholars and our two Sierra Leonean scholars to Nepal in July! So please go to the link below and donate. Every single dollar, pound, yen, rupee, euro will make a difference!!! Thank you!!!


We are launching an Air Miles Donation Program, with FlyingBlue and KLM and Air France!!!  Airline tickets are our largest expense and currently unattainable at this time. You can either donate miles you are not using or if you don't have FlyingBlue miles you can gift miles, by purchasing them on the site.

In the past American Airlines and JetBlue have donated flights so now we are looking for donations of unused miles with either KLM or Air France, that can be donated to us via our Director, Julia Lynch.  Air France flies from both Haiti and Sierra Leone to Paris, and we can then fly our scholars from Paris to Kathmandu.



To donate your unused miles please go to the FlyingBlue website and select the amount you want to give!  Any amount is greatly appreciated as it all adds up!!

To gift miles, if you are not a FlyingBlue member go to the website and decide how many miles you would like to purchase as a gift!

The FlyingBlue number that you will need to reference is 1152846810 and the name is Julia Lynch.

Huge Gratitude from our Global Girl Team!!!