Global Girl Project’s online program has been developed to create an even greater and more impactful change within the developing world, through the power of the girl. Over the past few years more and more organizations from all corners of the developing world have reached out to us, wanting their girls to participate in our exchange. While we would love to bring thousands of girls to Nepal to experience this life-changing adventure, it’s not currently possible. However, we wanted to use this challenge as an opportunity to create a program that will reach even greater numbers of girls throughout our world. We hope to mobilize them to become community leaders, therefore, creating an even greater social impact globally. 


The Online Leadership Academy will help Global Girl to reach even more girls around the world.

How it works


Through our four-month leadership training, groups of girls that live within developing countries around the globe will learn about community development and social change movements. They will also learn how they can be the true change-makers within their own villages, towns, and cities. At the end of each four-month program each group of girls will launch and run their very own community event. The event will focus on gender-related issues such as sexual and reproductive health, early marriage, gender equality, FGM, period poverty, and anything else they feel inspired to change. 

As our Online Leadership Academy grows our web platform will connect a network of girls from all over the world who will be able to support each other’s work and inspire each other to truly change our world.


Program Structure

 Age of Participants: 13 to 18 years old

Number of Girls in each cohort: 10

Length of Program: 4 months

Structure: Group Sessions led by trained Facilitator; 1st month – meet weekly, 2nd, 3rd and 4th month – meet bi-weekly, Event launch – 4th month.

Global Girl believes strongly in the importance of education for all girls and so each of our graduates will receive a grant that will go towards paying their school fees.

 To Apply

  • You must be an organization or school that works within a developing country with girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years, who live in poverty.

  • You must have internet access in a central location and access to a computer

  • You must be able to facilitate weekly and bi-weekly sessions with the participants (Global Girl will hire a facilitator from within your organization).

  • You must be able to communicate weekly with Global Girl Project staff around progress of your participants.

  • You must have the signed guardian permission for each participant.

  • Each participant must complete the entire 4-month (10 session program) to receive the educational grant.


Tentative Start for first program:

January 2020