Speaking Engagements

Our Founding Director, Julia Lynch, has been described as a passionate, authentic, dynamic and engaging speaker. She speaks from the heart about the things that truly matter, like living an authentic life, making a difference to others, and stepping outside of your comfort zone to accomplish what you have always wanted to do in your life.

Most recently, Julia was a featured panelist at the Aspire Conference in London and Disney UK’s International Women’s Week panel discussion.

Julia will also be one of the featured speakers at the 2020 Global Women’s Empowerment Summit in London!

International Women’s Week at Disney!

International Women’s Week at Disney!




What an opportunity this was!! A few weeks ago I did a video interview with the well known Dr. Andrea Pennington and it was transforming!! 

Dr. Andrea Pennington is an integrative physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher and sex educator. She is the author of The Pennington Plan.

Seize the Day podcast

Welcome to Seize the Day Podcast with Natalie Miller-Snell.   In todays show I am incredibly fortunate to get to interview the very inspiring Julia Lynch, founder of Global Girl Project, a wonderful leadership exchange program for young women from developing countries.  Julia tells us about traveling, Nepal, capoeira, disney and how Global Girl Project began.


The Third Sector Magazine podcast

Rebecca Cooney speaks to Julia Lynch, founder of the Global Girl Project about International Women's Day, which takes place on 8 March.


Dessert Island Discs RADIO SHOW

Julia sits down with Angelina Melwani, the host of a radio show on the Pulse Hospital Radio, and chats about all things Global Girl Project, Capoeira, living on a houseboat, and living your most authentic life.