The Global Girl Project taught me that we can have these opportunities, that we should stand up for our rights as women, that we should unite, work together, observe, value ourselves, fight for our space and now I consider myself to be more important. I feel capable of doing anything.
— Thaynara, Global Girl Project scholar from Brazil

Leadership Training and Cultural Exchange Program

The Global Girl exchange program mobilizes young women from developing countries for social change by exposing them to different cultures, languages, experiences and ideas.

Through the 5-week program in Nepal and the 10-month pre and post exchange programming, these young women are empowered to think about real and long-lasting social change through projects they can implement in their own communities.

Global Girl Project partners with not-for-profit organizations in developing countries such as Brazil, Haiti, India, Rwanda, Pakistan, Nepal and Sierra Leone to identify and support exchange opportunities for the program.

We at Global Girl Project know that real and long lasting change for a community is most successful when it comes from within that community. 
— Julia Lynch, Founder, Global Girl project

The program

The Global Girl Leadership Training and Cultural Exchange Program is both educational and experiential. During the 6 months leading up to the exchange our scholars participate in monthly online programming to help prepare them for the exchange. During the 5-week program in Nepal, the participants will:

  • travel to Nepal with other exchange program students and be exposed to different cultures, ideas, languages and ways of living

  • participate in educational workshops that help them to think 'outside the box' and start to see possibilities for the future that they may never have considered before

  • develop a plan for education and development projects that they take home and implement in their own community.

  • AND then they return home to implement and run their very own projects for at least a 3-month period of time, creating real impactful community change.

During the 4 months after their return home the scholars also participate in monthly online sessions that ensure they are supported every step of the path towards becoming community leaders!

Finally, once they complete their community project implementation, they receive a one-time grant to help support their ongoing education.

It was a very important event in my life, it’s a rare opportunity for a woman to stop to think about herself.
— Thaynara, Global Girl Project scholar from Brazil

Get involved

  • Global Girl Partners play a vital role in helping to select and support the girls to participate in the program, prior to, during and after the exchange. Find out more about how to get involved as a partner organization on the Partner with us page.

  • If you have special skills that might be useful to Global Girl project we'd love to hear from you! Find out more on the Volunteer opportunities page.

  • Find out more about how to participate in the Global Girl exchange program on the Become an exchange student page.