We mobilize socially-minded and community driven young women aged 13 to 18 years from developing countries to gain educational and life experiences so that they can become leaders in their own community. 

Through our exchange program, young women undertake schooling and community development projects over a 5-week period in Nepal. They gain the skills, knowledge and the support necessary to return to their home country and implement their own initiatives. 

Through our new online program we partner with local NGOs to run our 4-month leadership training, which incorporates both online and small group work, with the support of a locally hired and trained Facilitator. Each group of girls then organizes and launches their own large-scale community event, with a focus on a gender-related issue.

Your donations make it possible to change the lives of young women in developing countries in a truly impactful and sustainable way.

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Our 2019 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now live!! Our goal this year is $10,000 and we KNOW that we will not only reach it, but exceed it with your support!! We have new programs, more girls, and more impact so go to the link below and give whatever you feel inspired to give!!! Gratitude!!

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“As the founder of Global Girl Project, I firmly believe that we are working to build stronger women, stronger leaders and therefore stronger global communities”
— Julia Lynch, Founder Global Girl Project