We’re at it again! Welcome our 2nd Global Girl!!!

Global Girl Project has continued to grow and form new partnerships and reach more girls around the world.  This year we partnered with an organization called Soccer Girls, run through PlayLife, which is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.  We also expanded our work to Haiti through a partnership with a women-led Haitian organization called Foundation TOYA.  We feel so grateful for these partnerships as they are helping us to reach the most vulnerable and strong girls in developing parts of the world.  We are learning as we grow and through this knowledge we have been able to successfully bring Thaynara, from Brasil, to the US to participate in our community development exchange program.  We have struggled with the influence of major political issues, in relation to non-immigrant visas and the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince.  So because of this roadblock we are adjusting our program to work with the two selected girls from Haiti, Jessy and Sarah, in their home country through Skype and an extended visit to Port-au-Prince.  We are so thankful for the determination and perseverance of our partners there and the girls that they support and cheer on.

We want to keep you all updated on the amazing progress of these young women through weekly video blogs so stay tuned and please share whatever inspires!!  Thank you, Obrigada, Mesi.

Julia Lynch – Founding Director.