An Update from Sarita, 2018 GGP Scholar Extraordinaire!!


Take a read below as Sarita tells you in her own words, what being a Global Girl means to her!

Hi Everyone, this is me, Sarita from Kathmandu, Nepal. I was the participant of Global Girl Project. From this project I learned about the leadership. This project has helped me to realize how strong girls are and that if girls want to do something, they don’t need men’s power to support them.

In my point of view, I think this is the finest project I have ever seen. This project taught us about how to address the number of social problems in our society. I am glad that I got a chance to have some place in this project. I feel proud to be called a member of Global Girl Project. I am proud that I made people in my community aware of social problems. I made my own project that was about Gender Inequality, I gave some examples about this problem and I took action on this problem in my local community. And I think I had made some change, and I am grateful to all of you and UME Design!!