Week 3 - 8 Teenagers in the Mountains...and So Many Leeches!!

Fourteen years ago I went on my first trek, 11 days in the Annapurna Region of the Himalayas in Nepal.  I would classify these two weeks as one of the most transformative moments in my lifetime.  I am blessed to have experienced many, but my time in the Himalayas taught me about the transformative power of being pushed well beyond our perceived physical and mental limitations.  It was here, in one of the most beautiful places on earth, that I learned that I can do absolutely anything I choose to do.....I just need to make the choice.

It is for this reason that I knew that I needed to take our 8 aspiring young leaders on their own journey into the mountains and help to introduce them to an even stronger version of themselves. Well the experiment worked.....not without many tears, screams of fear, and downright protests to take one more step up the mountain.

Take a listen here to what they learned about themselves during this journey of growth and you will be humbled (especially near the end), at who they grew into in only three days!! Thank you to Himalaya King Trekking (www.himalayaking.com) and Kathmandu Gear for helping me make this trip a reality!!