Mumbai or bust...An update from our Kranti girls.


Rani's Update

After finishing 2months project planning in LA, I was very exited to meet my friend's and Family. I was also exited to work on my project. When I came to India I met all my favorite people's, had my favourite food and also started researching about my project. After researching and reading about my project I figured out, that using Dance as a therapy is very difficult for me. For using dance as a therapy first I have to be trained, so I changed my mind that I will use dance as a happiness. With this new idea I had to start my project planning from the beginning. I thought it will be more difficult for me but when I started planning things, I find out easy. After sometimes I understood that because I had 2months experience of project planning in LA now it was easy for me. I'm very happy with my project now. Learning so many new thing. I'm trying my best for this project. I want to thank Kranti and GGP for this wonderful opportunity.

Sumaiya's Update

Global girl has been amazing experience to me. I had great time while studying in star prep academy and staying with host families. I miss all the time which I have spended with them, mostly doggy (milo), he always come into my bedroom and sleep next to me. I had memorable time taking milo!! for a walk, cooking with tery and going for shopping together it was wonderful month. Thank you alot to everyone, for your love and support.

Shraddha's Update

Global girl project thought me so many things and this was my first time to live with host family and they are amazing, whenever I had free time they always took me to art museums because they knows that I love art, I like when Hannah and I made chocolate cake and that was my first time I made cake, I spent good time with them. Thank you so much Julia for this opportunity you gave us. When i came back to India I started my project. Working with NGOs kids and leading to activity by myself it's an amazing experience