Week 2 - I think we have finally settled in!!!

This week our scholars tell you about what they have learned about themselves this week.  Personal reflection is still a challenge for them, but it is a very necessary skill if we are to work with other people.

This week was a very busy one, with the girls going to regular classes with their peers, where they seemed to be much more settled in and making good friends.  This week the girls also completed three more of our Global Girl Leadership workshops and by the end of the week each of them had decided on their individual community development projects!! Stay tuned to hear more about what they will be doing to change their communities when they get back home!!

Lastly, this week we held a group discussion workshop with the year 9 and 10 girls from our partner school and the discussions blew me away! They talked about gender stereotypes, about how they are viewed as impure when they have their periods, and so many other very important topics.  We ended the week by volunteering a local orphanage by helping them to clean their new home!! I was so proud of each of our scholars for working really hard to make a difference!!

Take a listen straight through to the end, if you need a little heart warming....