Mumbai or bust….. (with a quick hello in Dubai)

Well it may have taken me being stuck in a plane for 16 hours to have the time to sit down and write, but I’m thankful for the forced solitude and lack of life’s distractions. I am on my way to Mumbai to meet with, for the first time in person, Global Girl Project’s newest partners on the path to changing the world one girl at a time. Global Girl is expanding our reach to India and we are collaborating with an amazing organization called Kranti (, to be able to provide exchange scholarships to some of the most disadvantaged girls in Mumbai. Kranti was started five years ago in an effort to empower and mobilize girls growing up in Mumbai’s red light district, to become agents of change in their own community. The work they are doing, as an organization, is beyond what most can imagine and directly fights against the stigma these girls face daily.

At times, I feel like I am in dream and I need to remind myself to focus, to pay attention….that this is real. And then the stress fades away and is replaced with gratitude for a path that I could never have imagined was available to me. As the founding director of Global Girl Project I have dreamed a dream where people around the world recognize their connections, their ties to each other and in that recognition we reach out to support and teach each other. Through Global Girl Project we are working towards this end and our growth into Southeast Asia, and further across the globe is an adventurous and dedicated leap in this direction.

Keep an eye out for weekly posts from the Global Girl team as we work to connect with you, keep you informed about the progress of our girls, and share useful information about global travel, women’s issues, and how we can all be a part of shifting and changing this world one girl at a time.

Namaste, Obrigada, Mesi, Thank you.